Day 5

I love my wife more today than I did yesterday because she lets me sleep. You may have noticed that there is a day four missing from my entries, and I would have to pass some blame onto my wife who left me sleeping rather than wake me up. She was out running some late night errands so I was left to put the kids to bed. After reading our daughter her bedtime story (Horton Hears a Who) we lay together talking about her day and what she planned to do the next day at school. Eventually I fell asleep cuddled up in bed with her. We have a great deal going on right now, and my wife would have had every right to shake me and tell me to get my butt moving on some these issues. Instead she said we were too cute to disturb and I did not wak up until 1 AM.

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Day 3

I love my wife more today than yesterday because she makes my life easier. Today was a bit stressful with the changes in post-holiday work and trying to update my resume so we can attempt a scenario change for our family. Thankfully when I got home my wife had some leftovers waiting for me and had done several loads of laundry so that I could wear some clean pajamas! Dinner was great by the way: pan fried steak with onion and mushrooms over rice and a side of green beans! While I was finishing my plate she even got the boys in the bath so all I had to do was help dry them off and then play a little before bedtime.

On the financial front she was also busy today, figuring out ways to reduce our current car payment. She spoke with the dealership where we have purchased our last two vehicles and we have an appointment this Wednesday night to see how much we would receive back with only one year left on our loan. Considering it is a 2009 vehicle in good condition, I think we might come out on top and save on our monthly bills – my wife is so smart!

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Day 2

I love my wife more today than yesterday because she brought home the goetta. Goetta is in my opinion the best breakfast meat out there, and I would much rather this be brought home than the bacon. Unfortunately it is not widely known outside of cities that have a strong German background like Cincinnati. Here in Indiana it cannot be found. Thankfully my wife spent this past holiday weekend back in Ohio with our kids so that they could visit with grandparents, which means I have not seen her for several days. While it was nice to have a quiet house at times, I did miss my wife was very excited to see her. The fact that she brought home several packages of one of my favorite foods is just icing on the cake! I just spent the last hour lying in bed and talking with her, and hopefully I can do more of that tomorrow night too.

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Day 1

I love my wife more today than I did yesterday because she is looking to make sacrifices to help our family financially. We have been struggling this past year with our children’s medical bills and my single income is not keeping us above water. She has been spending the past two days looking at our money habits over this past year and searching for ways to cut spending. She has also begun looking for a third shift jobs for herself in order to bring in extra income. I don’t know whether or not the job idea will be one that ends up being fulfilled, but the fact that she is making this attempt means a great deal to me. Money problems have certainly put a strain in our relationship, as they do in most, but I love my wife very much and it is in actions like this that I know she loves me too.

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